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India@90 storeys?

A major builder talks about building 90-storey high apartments in Mumbai. I am skeptical. I recall more than once talk about building the 'tallest building in the world' in India.

But, with 'money' being as plentiful now in India as water in the oceans, all sorts of fanciful ideas might after all come to fruition. Mr. Lodha might well make a profit on his 'investment' of 4,000 crores or whatever on his four precious acres of land in Mumbai.

Mr. Mallaya, as you will recall, has decided to raze his 'ancestral' place in B'lore and raise an appropriately 'tall' skyscraper in its place ... and he will occupy the penthouse apartment himself. How nice!

Some may say I am a dreamer, but I am not the only one ... did anyone say?


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