June 19, 2010

What's I.B.M.'s Watson


I.B.M.'s scientists are taking the next steps in expanding the limits of how machines understand human language.

It's interesting that it takes a supercomputer to come close to the language abilities of a human brain.

But computer science is getting there and getting close and soon enough processing power and memory will be cheap enough to develop a real alternative to the human brain that will take over many of the mundane activities that humans now have to perform whether they like to or not.

Well, this will certainly make some humans unemployed but basically the long range trend is that the bar is being steadily raised higher for the human species in general.

So, in future, all humans will probably need to be specialists in something ... may be post-graduates or even PhDs.

Luckily, that future will hopefully dawn after I am gone so that I don't have to acquire a PhD to make a living! Lucky me!

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