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Hinduism Versus Christianity and Islam

            There are people who believe that a river is a god. Or a goddess. It’s called the Ganga. The believers are the Hindus. They think it originates out of the head of a god called Shiva. BTW, that god also has a snake wrapped around his neck. There are other gods in Hinduism one of whom has four hands and holds specific stuff in them. A god with four heads is there. And a goddess with 10 hands. You won’t think with these sort of imaginative creations (or creators) being part of its collection, Hinduism might put up a fight with the major monotheistic religions of the world to claim the title of being the most rational religion or the one that makes the most sense. But I think these folks notwithstanding, the overall religion makes more sense than other religions. If you look at the other religions (I have Islam and Christianity in mind specifically), they propose that specific humans were representatives of an unseen god. In the case of Christianity, Jesus, and in the ca

Bollywood Logic

            Movies are fiction. A good movie is merely a good story. But stories and logic are not mutually exclusive. It’s interesting to look at Bollywood’s way of telling a story and whether that includes or excludes logic. Munnabhai MBBS was a hit sequel to a hit movie. It’s a comedy movie just as its predecessor was. But it tries to send out a message as well. So we get to see the principal of the medical college lecturing medical college students on the first day that they shouldn’t get emotionally involved with patients. Doctors should merely treat the patient and not get too attached to him or her. Clearly this is standard practice. But the way it’s projected in the movie makes it apparent that doctors are villains for not dealing with patients as if the patients were their nearest and dearest loved ones.

Why I Love Cricket

India are the World Champions in One Day International cricket. Anyone remember that? I wonder what Chetan Bhagat would say ...  India had a tough time in England followed by a clean score of 4-0 in Australia. And now India has come out on the bottom with Australia and Sri Lanka. How fantastic. And now conspiracy theories abound about the composition of the team for the next cricket tournament ... the Voldemorts Hogwarts World Championship or the Asia Cup or some such thing. Cricket rivalries, whether between Dhoni and Sehwag or between Azhar and Sidhu or Dad and everyone or Gavaskar and Kapil seem to be commonplace stuff.