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The Marriage Conundrum

I see articles by intelligent ladies on how difficult they are finding it to catch an eligible, smart, intelligent husband. I don't see so many similar perspectives from males. Why so? Anyway, I will try to remedy that here. So the ladies say that the men that they are sought to paired with or matched with tend to be typically dumb, or money-minded, or career-focused, or culturally conservative (plain English --> the usual chauvinistic Indian male who will ONLY marry a virgin female and will have a heart attack at the idea of stuff such open marriage or letting his wife have extramarital affairs and be chill about that) or mama's boys. I agree with all those evaluations of course. But I am not like any of those.

India Needs More Than A Change Of Prime Minister

I posted this comment on Sandipan Deb's article in Livemint . So let me try to understand ... Mostly it seems folks are 'angry' with that   Italian mafia   running this country. Hmmmm ... (1)   Is India like a family-owned corporation where ownership gets passed from mom/dad to son/daughter? Like in an Ambani-run business or Adani-run business? Or folks are   angry   with some party variously called   Khangress   or   CONgress   which has been   looting   this country since 60 years. (2)   Again, begs the question —> Has India been a dictatorship like an Iraq or Egypt or Pakistan for all these years? The author asks for an accounting of the   achievements   of the government over the past 10 years. The achievements of the government are not really separate from the achievements of the people. What has been the story of each of our lives in the last 10 years. Let us do a double-entry bookkeeping style debit and credit of our lives if we wan

Moralizing and Extramarital Relations

Something from Brain Picker, Maria Popova. From the book Updike : “Updike wasn’t the first in his Ipswich crowd to commit adultery, and it’s possible that he wasn’t even the first in his marriage… He didn’t have to look far to find a lover. Several of the couples had already had affairs before moving to Ipswich, and once they were all settled and best friends, romantic intrigue was very much in the air. It’s safe to say that the group’s unusual closeness (and a large part of the pain that followed) had something to do with the collective willingness to indulge in extramarital sex. This “weave of promiscuous friendship” wasn’t a purely local phenomenon. “Welcome to the post-pill paradise” is perhaps the most famous line from [Updike's 1968 novel] Couples , which Updike set in 1963, three years after he claimed to have first fallen “in love, away from marriage” — and three years after the first birth-control pill was approved for use in the United States. Did the advent of o

Are Indians Dense?

Who says Indians are NOT dense? I thought the evidence was pretty clear. Just look at the obsession with silly religious rituals. Look at how sundry godmen are prospering. Look at how 'popular' Double Sri Bearded Widow is among the section of our population who are supposed to be among the most educated. Look at the obsession with cricket and Bollywood —> and the obsession, in turn, of those 'heroes' of people (Sachin and Bachchan) with various gods. One donates crores to this and that god; another sheds tears when charlatan Afro Sai Baba dies. Even the pointless 'heat' during the present election season shows the silliness of Indians. The choices on offer are all so mediocre that I am mostly happy to remain a bystander. But look at the Modi-bhakts who are happy to abuse all and sundry at the slightest bit of 'questioning' of their 'leader.' They will abuse all and sundry — whether it's Mahesh Murthy or a retired gen

Article Collection 2014 Part II

It's not just the TLD 'ie' that is intriguing about this  article  and the website it is on. About the CIA's snooping on the  Senate . About  Silicon Valley culture . A  conversation with Paul Davis  about the flow of time. Something about  lightning . The loss of the  night sky .

CEO Blogs Collection

Here's a collection of collection of CEO blogs. So, a sort of 'meta' collection of CEO blogs. Here's a list of Top 10 CEO blogs. Here's a list of Top Tech CEO blogs . Include people like Marissa Mayer, Rashmi Sinha,  Marc Andresson, Paul Graham, Guy Kawasaki and so on. Another list of CEO blogs . Includes people like Mark Cuba, Srth Godin, Bill Mariott and Tom Peters. Oh wait: out of the blue, the question occurs —> how come Bill Clinton is not blogging? Oh well ... Nine CEO blogs . Includes some of the same people named above. Mario Sundar's blog .