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Photos Tweeted From the ISS

Earth images from orbit are always spectacular. We get to see many of them thanks to the astronauts and cosmonauts living on board the ISS. Currently, among the folks on board the ISS who are sharing their pictures via Twitter include Reid Wiseman, Alex Gerst, and Oleg Artyemev. Someone has smartly and very helpfully tagged all those photos to their corresponding location on Earth.

Articles Collection August

Hope to get around to reading or finishing these articles. Some day. When David Remnick writes about Russia, you gotta read. All of David Remnick's articles in the New Yorker. All of Ken Auletta's articles in the New Yorker. Profile of cricket boss N. Srinivasan in The Caravan. Excerpt from Lena Dunham's book. Yes, I for one think it's wrong to teach children to believe in God. It's child abuse. Plain and simple. Philip Seymour Hoffman's last days . Where do children's earliest memories go? Does humanity's future lie among the stars or is our fate extinction ? Chapter 1 of Sam Harris' Waking Up . Finding the words , an elegy. Eight days, the battle to save the American financial system . Love stories from the New Yorker. Profiles from the New Yorker. 25 articles from the New Yorker chosen by Longreads . The Biden agenda from the New Yorker. Kim Philby by Malcolm Gladwell in the New Yorker. Miles O'Brien's PBS story about the

Strange Histories From The Atomic Age

So it turns out that there were various alternate sites for those atomic bombings over Japan during the Second World War. Nagasaki, in particular, got unlucky as it was only a back up or secondary site that got bombed only because the primary site was not visible because of bad weather or some other reason. Details in this article with link to a book that apparently has all the details about those atomic bombings. And who knew that the famed Dr. Robert J. Oppenheimer had an equally talented brother who got into trouble because of communist leanings and was denied permission to visit India to work on cosmic rays with Dr. Homi Bhava!