November 03, 2009

The Amazing Never Ending Baby Boom

That's how I would describe the phenomenal capacity of Indians to have babies.

I wonder if Indians are just stupid or there is more to it than meets the eye ... something like that saying ... "the meek shall inherit the Earth."

I think there are ways in which India's strength in numbers might her well. But, mostly I think India's burgeoning population is India's biggest problem rather than its biggest strength.

Fast breeding nations of the third world such as India and China are plaining helping bring the standard of living down for the whole world.

The key to world prosperity and the progress of human civilization lies not in being a leadeing breeder ... because then we would need to compete with other animals and they might in fact beat us hands down. The decisive advantage humans enjoy is not even brute, muscle strength which other species possess in far more abundance than us.

What provides humans our unique survival advantage is our brain power and that has no links at all with numbers.

I mean, unless of course, if the fact that there are so many competitors for limited numbers of seats at the IITs somehow converts average kids into geniuses ... does that happen??? In which case, one could say, more the merrier.

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