November 09, 2009

H. R. 3962

The Affordable Healthcare for America Act has been narrowly passed by the House of Representatives.

A milestone moment in the history of healthcare legislation in the United States.

The Bill is of course famously 1990 pages long and I am wondering if I can go through the entirety of it.

I don't think I will find the time to do that ... may be I am unaware of some secret formula which would allow me to digest the bill in its entirety in a fraction of the time period which I would ordinarily require.

After all, there is a lady who is reading a book a day in the United States and documenting her exploits on a blog here ...

The denoument of this Bill is not yet clear.

The healthcare system is too vast and too complex and the interested parties are too numerous and the numerous lobbyists would have spread their tentacles too deeply into the law making process to allow Obama to make a clean break from the status quo.

People of course have their ideological moorings and these are some of the strongest to unmoor. When everything else seems to fall apart, people tend to go back to their religious and cultural belief systems as that sort of provides them something enduring that they can hold on to, something that seems untarnished by corruption, undiluted by questioning, and simple to understand.

Religion has this advantage over science that it is simple enough that any nincompoop can understand it ... unlike science which is messy and complex and a lifetime studying science only results in a feeling of inadequacy. Many Nobel Laureates have questioned the value of thier lives ... although to the outside world, a brilliant scientist might seem to be spectacularly smart, to themselves, they often tend to be tortued souls. It is in the nature of science itself, in the vastness of the enterprise itself, in the vastness of human knowledge and the vastness of the universe, that its sages and savants seem so puny in comparison.

In contrast, religious gurus often seem to be all-knowing, omniscient as their field of study is often limited so that they have the luxury of "complete" mastery of their field of stury.

Oh, well!!! I guess I should stick to talking about healthcare ...

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