November 17, 2009

World Coming to an END ... A - G - A - I - N !!!

2012 is when the world is going to end!!!

Well, last year, the starting of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN was supposed to bring it all to a close.

I would not haved cared too much if it had happened then or if it would happen this time around.

But, unfortunately, I am skeptical.

Nostradomus of course is the one who's supposed to have forseen all of this ...

This time though people are alluding to some Mayan calendar.

In our own country, people have their own versions of really old documents ... which are dusted off and folks claim that it was all preordained ... after the fact.

Gail Collins has a good article about all this here ...

Dennis Overbye also debunks the doomsday sayers here ...

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