November 22, 2009

At Last Some Good News

Well, smoking, it seems, does have some benefits — it helps reduce weight gain.

Well, unfortunately, it seems women don't want to quit smoking as they fear that they will gain weight once they quit smoking!!!

And so researchers want to reassure them that it ain't so ...

Well, things are pretty bad for smokers in the Big Apple. In some aprtment complexes, you are not even allowed to smoke inside your own darned home!!!

Things haven't gotten that strident in my own country — they eventually might, but I should be 'old and dying' and dead by then. So, no worries ...

This also offers one more reason why I don't want to migrate to the U.S. — just admire them from afar ... also, one is not allowed to hang one's dirty linen outside which one can do perfectly legitimately here in India.

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