November 02, 2009

Are Marriages all that they are made out to be?

I am wondering about this "relevant" issue as an Indian. For Indians, life is basically doing things as per predefined "rules" instituted by "sages" and "wise men" from time immemorial.

Baiscally, it's a load of crap of course.

What is truly saddening is to observe the young generation that thinks it's so "modern" and "hip" behave in the same old asinine ways as their ancestors. I pity this pseudo-modern young generation ... it's of course frustrating as well to see these young chaps so unquestioningly accept such half baked ideas.

"Tradition" is this catch-all phrase that is used to include everything including religion and marriage rituals and birth rituals and death rituals and everything in between.

I would be truly amazed if youngsters really think that all these hand-me-down stuff must be correct just because everybody else is doing the same thing ...

Einstein did not propose his theories of relativity because everybody else was saying the same thing!!!

If humans had always just continued what they were told to do by their "old" folks, then we would still be cavedwellers doing what Tom Hanks was doing in Cast Away when he was left stranded on that South Pacific island.

The fundamental advantage that we humans enjoy over all other animals on this planet is that we have a large brain folks!!! I say, let's use it!!!

As to the value of marriage - of the arranged kind or otherwise - I think it's mostly a load of compromise that most married folks would love to get out of but don't have the courage to do so. Else, after a period of time, they get used to each others' stupidities and find it rather convenient to stay married rather than be single.

The wife mostly takes care of the cooking and dish washing and laundry responsibilities not to mention the business of preparing the kid for school in the morning. And the man of course is in charge of making money for the family which helps put food on the table and which helps pay all the bills, etc. It's also useful to have a man around in case any "heavy lifting" is required ... literally. It also falls on the male of the family to drive the family two-wheeler or four-wheeler as the case may be.

I guess marriage is too old a concept and too deeply ingrained in the human psyche and it will take a while for humans to grow out of the habit.

Same goes for the crap that is religion, but that's a story for another day ...

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