November 09, 2009

The Coen Brothers

I saw No Country for Old Men today.

The cop played by Tommy Lee Jones in this movie is almost poetically verbose compared to the cop played by Frances McDormand in Fargo.

Both movies are full of violence and show the meaningless of life to a certain extent.

Both movies have as a central theme somebody getting hold of a lot of money and then getting chased and killed.

Both movies have characters that are ruthless killers.

I wonder if Bollywood can make such movies.

I think real life is so bleak in India that people want to go to the movies precisely because the movies offer somr sort of a respite from the bleakness of real life.

So, if movies depicted the bleakness of life as well, people would not appreciate that as they would react ... "so, what's the big deal about it?"

People mostly live somewhat meaningless lives and death mostly visits without announcing and of course always wins. But of course people want to pretend otherwise.

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