November 09, 2009

Nehru and Edwina

The story of Jawaharlal Nehru's relations with Edwina Mountbatten continues to be an issue in contemporary India. This is of course reflective of how primitive a society India is.

People tend to be morons when it comes to issues of sex or anything that even seems to suggest any "physical relations."

I think this is because most people lead very unfillfiled lives sexually and they are envious of those who get such "opportunites" in life.

I wish Indians would grow up.

It would be so childish to pass judgment on Nehru on the basis of whatever relations he might or might not have had with Edwina and Padmaja Naidu and anyone else for that matter.

One has to look at the broad sweep of his life and the vastness of his influences on the course of modern India and find fault, if any, with the policy decisions that he took.

People tend to blame Nehru for the partition of India and that's of course a fair debate to have. People blame Nehru for the festering Kashmir issue — people claim that Nehru mishandled it by taking it to the U.N. This is again a fair criticism and debating point.

But while discussing Nehru's personal life, one perhaps should not forget that Nehru was around 58 years old at the time of India's independence — exactly the age at which people retire from Government jobs ...

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