November 09, 2009

A Coda to Koda

It's interesting that a 4,000-crore scam involving former chief ministers doesn't cause too much heartburn in the public's imagination.

It's perhaps only the media that starts creating a flutter as it smells something to increase TRPs.

These scams have unfortunately become all too common.

This particular one comes so soon after the one involving telecom licenses.

People have become jaded with these all-too-numerous scams.

People don't see that much can be done about these and so have come to expect these as the natural order of things. Indians, as it is, are rather fatalistic and like to leave things to a "higer power."

So, I guess one can say: "even this shall pass." And the Koda affairs would not be even a footnote in the history of modern India when historians write it.

I guess one can still feel happy about this broken state of governance and a less-than-perfect form of democracy.

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