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Caged Tiger

I didn't know that Tiger Woods was the first billionaire sportsperson of the world.

One doesn't become a billionaire without being extraordinarily driven.

Being rich has its advantages ... just as being powerful has its.

History tells us that Moghul Emperors had many wives in their harems — one of the perks of being an Emperor. Even some present-day kings continue to follow in their footsteps.

Today though, money mostly has become equivalent to power.

So. those with money can afford to lead rather laissez faire lifestyles.

I don't see any problems with that — as long as they don't preach and pretend to be modern day Mahatma Gandhis.

I am only thinking of how Donald Trump would react to Tiger's troubles: he would remind everyone again with his signature style how crazy it was not to have "pre-nuptials."

One's respect for the genius of Tiger on the course should not get diminished by all this. He has merely shown that he is as human as anyone else.

Let me confess: I would have done pretty much the same things...


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