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Still Trying to Save the Tiger

I say let's give Tiger some slack.

May be this will help put things in perspective.

1. Tiger didn't murder anyone, did he?
2. He didn't inspire some suicide bombers, did he?
3. He didn't steal taxpayers' money, did he?
4. He didn't set up phony financial schemes to cheat people, did he?
5. He didn't rape or molest women or minors, did he?
6. He didn't pontificate about leading a 'moral' life or doing 'God's work,' did he?
7. He didn't point fingers at others or blame others, did he?
8. He didn't act as if he was entitled to anything, did he?
9. He didn't break the law, did he?
10. Unless of course sex between two consenting adults means breaking the law.


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