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Exercise But DON'T Lose Weight

Well, that's disappointing. At least, would be to some people ... people who are in it to reduce weight, look slim, etc. But if people look for short term gains from exercising, they are — as it were — looking to make a quick buck in my opinion.

The New York Times has a story about how exercising doesn't necessarily lead to weight loss and why ...

One has to be able to take into account the numerous other benefits of exercising ... not just weight loss.

The human body is fundamentally designed to work!!! It's as simple as that.

The muscles that we have are meant to be put to their test and we are definitely not designed through evolution to slouch all day in front of a computer.

Those who might feel disheartened when exercising doesn't lead to weight loss would do well to consider what would have been the case if they had not been exercising ... they would have been fatter with overall, less of a sense of wellbeing.

Keep Running ... or Walking !!!


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