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The Idiotic Government of India

At last, the Government has chosen to adopt the easy route of banning pre-paid mobile services in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. This is such an asinine decision that it boggles ones mind.

Are we living in a democracy or what!

Just because a few individuals are using mobile phones to plan their anti-India activities, the Govt. thought it fit to issue a dictat that will inconvenience hundreds of thousands of innocent people going about their daily lives.

What do the ordinary people of J&K use their pre-paid connections for? I imagine they would use it for the same purposes as people anywhere else in the country would ... to enable families to stay closer and stay connected, to share the family gossip, youngsters of course would be using these connections to pursue their illicit love affairs, or secret love affairs, I should say, traders and small businessmen would be using phone connections to keep their ears close to the ground and be one up on the competition, the owner of an apple orchard would be using his connections to talk to his people on the ground, enabling him to stay abreast of how the apples are doing, and so on ...

Has the Govt. thought about the innocent family whose infant kid suddenly falls sick in the middle of the night? Earlier, they would have made full use of the usual Indian family "network" and got a doctor home in the middle of the night. But now without the prepaid connection, they will wait helplessly till morning. And that wait might prove to be too long for the kid ...

Obviously, I do not have access to the "intelligence" inputs that surely must have been the basis for this ghastly decision, but I would argue that prepaid cellphones are misused not only in J&K but all over India.

So, why doesn't the Govt. go ahead and ban them all over the country!

"Stupid is as stupid does," as Forrest Gump said.

Definitely applies to the Government of India.


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