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The Urge to Splurge

I am wondering about what shopping does for us.

People in affluent societies and rich people in poor countries indulge in this.

This is even considered a sort of therapy. I think therapy is close to the truth. People who need to go shopping are definitely not happy with the life that they have to lead otherwise.

People are probably trying to escape the drudgery that their life/job otherwise is.

When someone buys a new shirt/trouser or shoes or watch or some other gear, they are looking for something new to have a little sense of excitement in their boring lives.

It is interesting to see the emergence of this shopping culture in the New India and the New Generation of Indians take to it with gusto. This is old hat in the West of course and people there are more or less tired of or jaded with this form of therapy and looking for something else in its place ...

I guess Indians in turn will tire of this in another 40 or 50 years.


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