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Exercise reduces stress

Well, that might be self-evident to some folks.

But researchers like to find out exactly how the brain works.

And with the help of our good old friends, researchers have seen how rodents that exercise are less stressed-out than those that don't.

Here's the story from the New York Times ...

Personally, it makes me feel less tired and more active during the day, I guess ...

I mean, we all do such sedantary jobs now-a-days ... which primarily involves sitting in front of a computer the whole day.

In the old days — and to a certain extent even today — people would spend some time in front of an image of some Hindu deity in the morning and do some chants or something ... that would a regular way of doing worship ... In the modern era, it's as if we have all now decides to 'worship' the computer deity and do so by sitting in front of the 'God' the whole day!!!

Ohhhhhhhh!!! What the hell ...


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